Bike like a Pro | Mondays I 15:15 - 16:15 | PP - P2

Bike like a Pro | Mondays, 15:15 - 16:15 | PP - P2

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zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls
zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls


10-week course. From 08.04.2024. 60 minutes per class unit.

Cycling with knowledge and safety

Calling all young adventurers and future cyclists! Are your children eager to get on their bikes and explore the world around them? Enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for the road in our exciting 'Bike like a Pro' AG.

Our afternoon activity is designed to cover all the basic aspects of bikes and road safety so your child will gain confidence and knowledge.

Safety is our number one priority! We teach your child important road safety habits that they will keep throughout their life to keep them safe on the roads.

A prerequisite for the course is that your child already has a basic knowledge of cycling.

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