Skateboard (April) | Fridays 13:15 - 14:15 | Classes: PP-P2

8 week skateboarding course for the children of PP-P2. From 29.04.2022 to 01.07.2022

300 €
Excluding Tax
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zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls
zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls

From 29.04.2022 to 01.07.2022.

A unique concept that offers your child an "out of the box thinking" educational experience

We want to go full speed ahead! Using the medium of skateboarding, children will learn to increase their stamina in a fun and action-packed way, while also learning how to interact with people, discipline, acceptance and tolerance, improving motor skills and fostering their own creativity and self-confidence.

This unprecedented course experience offers children the all-around fun program.

All you need to bring is a helmet, we will provide the ramps, boards and the highest safety precautions.

Lets skate!

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