German as a second language | Tuesdays 15:15-16:15 | Classes: P3-P4

12 week German language course | From 13.09.2022 until 20.12.2022

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zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls
zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls

12 week course. From 13.09.2022 until 20.12.2022. 60 Minuten per class unit.

This intensive course focuses on the art of language for students who speak German as a second or foreign language and want to learn more German.

 The class focuses on Third Culture Kids who

- need more practice in the German language due to having lived abroad for many years in a non-German-speaking country.

- previously went to school abroad, now live in Germany, and want to close learning gaps due to the change of school.

We will use games and exercises to deepen basic language skills in speaking, reading comprehension and writing. We will follow the curriculum of the European Schools, so that what has been learned can be used in the classroom.

The course will be conducted by Dr. Delia Nizet, an elementary school teacher at ESRM with many years of experience as a German teacher in Singapore and Germany in the areas of German as a foreign language, second language and mother tongue. 

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