Planting the Tiny forest | 19.05.2023 | 13:15 -15:00

Planting the Tiny forest | 19.05.2023 | 13:15 -15:00

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Get ready for an awesome adventure! We're going to learn how to plant our very own tiny forest! It's going to be so much fun and we'll get to help the environment too!

At this event, we'll learn about the different kinds of plants and trees that we can grow in our own backyards or balconies. We'll also learn how to take care of them and make sure they grow big and strong. We'll get to play in the dirt and plant our own flowers, and we'll even get to take some home with us!

Not only will our tiny forest be beautiful to look at, but it will also help the animals and insects around us. They'll have a new home and plenty of food to eat. We'll be doing our part to help the planet and make it a better place for everyone! So get your gardening gloves ready and let's get planting!

For this event 5 hours will be deducted from the hourly package. (so 2 hours for the Childminding +3 hours the event).

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