Adventure Wilderness | 25.03.-28.03.2024 I 09:00-15:00 I P3-P5

Adventure Wilderness | 25.03.-28.03.2024 I 09:00-15:00 I P3-P5

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Be ready for an unforgettable journey with our Wilderness Adventure. This camp is designed for children aged 8 to 12 and offers an exciting opportunity to learn important wilderness skills.

During this time, your child will learn the basics of wilderness survival such as tent building, outdoor cooking and fire building, how to determine the cardinal directions and much more.

Teamwork and co-operation are paramount in order to acquire the basic skills to make safe and responsible decisions in the wilderness. At the same time, they are taught the importance of respecting and preserving nature in order to develop a deeper appreciation for our planet.

A wild adventure awaits the little ones!

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