Self-defence for children - 09.-13.08.21 - Time: 9am-3pm - Age: 11 years and above

Please read the description below. Information regarding equipment, catering and Covid guidelines will be announced in a separate e-mail in due course.

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zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls
zu benachrichtigte Person im Falle eines Notfalls

The most valuable asset in your life is your child or children. But the safety of your child is also of your child is also close to our hearts.

Nowadays, many children are exposed to social pressure again and again. Quite a few children and also their parents are confronted with issues like bullying, fisticuffs and also violent assaults among their peers. In some cases even assaults by adults. Prevention from abduction also plays an important role nowadays.

Why self-defence?

A self-defence course for children is helpful so that they learn as early as possible how to avoid dangerous situations and, if this is not possible, know what they should do. But physical and psychological development also plays an elementary role. A positive side effect of this training is the development of your child in the areas of coordination, agility, self-confidence and balance.

In addition to effective self-defence techniques, your child will be physically supported.

Preventive measures are also taught to your child. This involves the ability to recognise signals that indicate possible dangers as early as possible. This creates a self-confidence that helps your child to avoid dangerous situations at an early stage.

What kind of self-defence is taught?

Our seminar programme for children's self-defence is called Kinder-Krav Maga. Children's Krav Maga is a concept based on distinctive movement training with the main focus on the development of self-confidence. The last option is always physical self-defence to deal with dicey situations. However, we also show the children ways to solve problems in advance through words and gestures. Among other things, we use role-playing and scenario training.

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