Creative Writing Skill-building and Workshop Course | 08.07.-12.07.2024 | 09:00-15:00 | S4-S7

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This course is designed for students interested in any form of creative writing. It is open to students currently in S4-S7 in the ESRM English or German sections, as well as MYP4-5 in ISRM. The course language will be English.

The course will mirror the skill-building exercises and workshop style of a university program. We will study a variety of creative writing forms: short stories, flash fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and drama. Students will analyze examples of each form, learn about effective writing techniques, and create their own original pieces.

We will also have a workshop day on which we read and respond to one another’s work, generally following the ‘Iowa writers workshop model,’ designed to foster constructive feedback. At the end of the course we will discuss methods of getting one’s work out into the world, finding audiences, and pursuing creative writing as a career or as an enriching hobby.

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