Adventureland | 22.07.-26.07.2024 | 09:00-15:00 | PP-P1

Adventureland | 22.07.-26.07.2024 | 09:00-15:00 | PP-P1

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Welcome to Adventureland, where every day is a thrilling new journey! Our summer camp is a haven for young adventurers, offering a dynamic blend of creativity, games, physical activities, and exploration.

From morning on, children immerse themselves in a whirlwind of activities, from crafting new wonders to embarking on exciting adventures. Whether they're baking delicious treats or playing thrilling games, there's never a dull moment with us.

Join us for a summer filled with fun, laughter, and endless adventure!

This camp is also open to non-ESRM students.

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