1. Excursion day to the amusement park "Lochmühle" | Monday, 26.08.2024 | 09:15-15:30 | 4-11 Years

26.08.2024 | Lochmühle Amusement Park | 09:15 - 15:30 I Meeting point and pick-up at the ESRM.

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Excursion time at the ESRM!

Our first excursion destination on 28.08.2024 is the "Lochmühle" amusement park. 

Treetop walk, squirrel rollercoaster, helicopter ride, Lochmill Discoverer and so much more.

The park offers over 120 play and fun machines, a wide range of climbing attractions and rides - plenty of options for an unforgettable day out!

You can find more information about the amusement park here: https://lochmuehle.de/

This excursion is also open to non-ESRM students.

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